This site has recently undergone quite extensive retooling as far as delivering the Mountainaire, AZ weather conditions. Much of the hardware has been replaced recently as well as the software. A barometric pressure sensor went out in 2014 so the Station Pressure for much of the fall/winter months of 2014 to early 2015 should not be trusted. Wind speeds and wind gusts are not very indicative of the wider area wind speeds, but that is the nature of Mountainaire, and specifically the location and height of the anemometer.

The current weather conditions for Mountainaire can be found in a couple places here right now:

The Bootstrap skin is probably going to become the default look to weewx, the software running the station, as it seems to render the best on both standard browsers and mobile devices. I still need to integrate the Weather Undergound (or National Weather Service) API to pump out the forecasts. The forecasts do show up in the Standard skin currently.

You can jump to a list of the hardware and software running right now by following this link.